ESG certification and reporting

The PowerHUB team will help you identify and report your company’s environmental and social impacts.

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Why ESG?

We believe that business should be conducted with a positive approach to the environment and should be beneficial to society. This is also why, in July 2022, the European Union adopted the final version of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which provides the basis for ESG reporting.

ESG reporting will cover your performance in three main areas - environmental, social and governance


CO2 emissions, electricity use, impact on ecosystems, green procurement


Work environment, inclusion, gender balance, impact towards local society


Business standards, ethics, anticorruption policy, board diversity.

Why now?

ESG reporting is not yet mandatory for small and medium-sized companies. However, there is a growing demand for ESG reporting from financial institutions, investors and consumers and customers. If you are planning to do business in Europe, ESG certification is already an important competitive advantage for your success in the market.

Why ESG and Powerhub?

PowerHUB has a long experience in sustainable projects in different fields and brings together dozens of senior experts. Our team will help you with your ESG reporting, provide feedback on your business development and PR strategy.

How it works & pricing

Your journey into the world of ESG starts now with certification by selection of the module of your interest.

If you have any specific requests do not hesitate to ask us: Ondřej Mirovský,

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