ESG certification and reporting

Welcome to the world of ESG, where you can move your business towards more sustainable and responsible future.

ESG is built on three main elements


CO2 emissions, electricity use, impact on ecosystems, green procurement


Work environment, inclusion, gender balance, impact towards local society


Business standards, ethics, anticorruption policy, bord diversity.

Nowadays, ESG certification is a key factor for a success on the European market and also condition for obtaining investments in Europe.

Solid internal ESG strategy is now a way to perform and sustainably grow.
Investors are increasingly interested in how startups are scoring on their ESG policies and practices. European investors have invested at least €120bn into sustainable assets. And the trend is increasing globally, according forecast published by Deutsche Bank, ESG investments are expected to grow further and pass the EUR 92trn mark by 2030. It is time to ride the wave, prove that your start-up complies to ESG standards and increase your valuation for investors.

How it works & pricing

Your journey in the ESG world starts now with the certification by selecting the module of your interest.

After completion of the online assessment, you will receive scoreboard and ESG certificate.

If you have any specific requests do not hesitate to ask us: Ondřej Mirovský,

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